Linktree and Linktree Alternatives: Spruce Up Your Instagram Bio

If you want to work with brands, making the most of your one Instagram profile link is an absolute must. Thankfully, there are companies that help you create landing pages where you can store your best blog links, other social media links, and more. While Linktree is the unofficial leader when it comes to personalizing your Instagram bio link, there are plenty of Linktree alternatives, some of which might actually be better than Linktree!

I don’t know why, but I didn’t discover Linktree until a couple of weeks ago.

Holy smokes. How could I have missed it?!

Linktree is an amazing tool that basically creates a landing page for you to share in your Instagram bio link so you can circumvent Instagram’s annoying insistence that we all have just one clickable link in our profiles.

I registered for the free version of Linktree and liked it so much that I was considering paying for the upgrade, primarily because I wanted a little bit more customization. Before committing to paying $6 per month, though, I thought I’d take a look to see if there were any viable Linktree alternatives.

Turns out that yes, there are plenty of alternatives to Linktree and some of them are pretty darn awesome! Keep reading to check out a list of companies that will help make your Instagram profile link amazing.

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Linktree is really the first company that made it easy to add a landing page to your Instagram bio link. Despite my slowness on this subject, Linktree has been around since 2016! While they were the first, there’s plenty of evidence that they may no longer be the best.


Pros of Linktree

1. Linktree is incredibly easy to set up

2. While limited in design, the free themes look great

3. Automatically pulls in your Instagram profile image

4. PRO users can integrate a Mailchimp newsletter sign-up form on their page

5. Very basic statistics are probably fine for most

6. It’s easy to set up for multiple accounts and toggle back and forth between accounts when necessary


Cons of Linktree

1. The free version includes very limited theme options and there’s no way to customize a theme to fit your branding unless you upgrade to the PRO version

2. Linktree has tons of great features, but they’re really only available for Pro users. For instance:

Linktree pro options

3. This is covered in #2 above, but the fact that including links to your other social media accounts is only available to pro users is fairly absurd as this is the most basic of links.


How much does Linktree cost?

The basic version of Linktree is free, but you’ll need to pay $6 per month for all the bells and whistles that are available for Pro users.



It’s clear to see why Linktree has been the queen of this space for so long. The free version is easy to use and it looks nice. It was also one of the first services like this, so they have a bit of a headstart on the rest of the market. The free version of Linktree doesn’t offer much variety, though, so if you’re looking for more customization options you’re either going to have to upgrade to Pro or check out one of the Linktree alternatives.


Click here to check out Linktree

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Campsite Instagram Bio Link

Campsite’s free plan is generous and offers more bells and whistles than most of the other Linktree alternatives. 

Pros of Campsite

1. It’s easy to add links to your profile page and move them around as necessary.

2. You can add links to your other social networks and they look completely natural. (Some other Linktree alternatives make you add them manually, but Campsite has a social media section where you add your profiles and they automatically appear at the bottom of your page.

3. Campsite branding is fairly minimal and appears at the bottom of the page.

4. You can customize the colors, fonts, and even the font weight that appears on your page! This is pretty awesome for branding! For instance, I typically use the Montserrat font for anything having to do with this website, and that was an option I could use on my Campsite page.

5. While you’re customizing the background colors and font colors, you can also customize the colors of your social media icons.

6. You can add an introduction to your page

7. Analytics show you how many times a link has been clicked


Cons of Campsite

1. You can add images to your links – and they look great – but those using the free plan can only add images that already exist on your Instagram page. For instance, I wanted to add an image for my SEO course, but since I don’t have an image for that on Instagram, I was out of luck.


How much does Campsite cost?

The free version of Campsite offers more than most other free Linktree alternatives. Upgrading to the pro version costs $7 per month and allows you to do things like schedule links for the future, view extended analytics, add custom photos for all of your links, and integrate a Facebook pixel for retargeting.



I’ve got a huge crush on Campsite. The interface is clean and easy to use and the font geek in me loves that they’ve provided options for changing fonts. The free plan is robust and will likely be fine for most users.


Click here to check out Campsite

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Linktree alternatives: Contactinbio


ContactInBio is a worthy alternative to Linktree. It’s easy to use and offers different types of content that you can have on your link page. It has some features – like a contact form option – that no other service is offering at the moment.

Pros of ContactInBio

1. The interface is clean and easy to use

2. You can view your changes as you’re making them with the “live preview” feature

3. There are a bunch of different content block options and they’re all easy to add to your page

4. There are some cool features coming soon, like a shoppable Instagram feed

5. You can add a contact form directly to the page so that people can get in touch with you

6. The free theme options are nice

7. Even for a free account, the ContactinBio branding is buried at the bottom of the page

8 Detailed statistics include basic information about how many people visit your page each day, but you can also see what country they’re coming from, the date, language spoken, and more

9. Easy to become an affiliate as everyone, including free members, get an affiliate link


Cons of ContactInBio

1. The page looks odd on a desktop, as everything is stretched oddly across the page.

2. My profile photo was oddly squished and there’s no way to adjust this.

3. All page elements are fairly large, so depending on what you choose to add to your page, you’re only going to be able to see a couple of items on a mobile device without scrolling.

4. The contact page element is fantastic, but it’d be nice if you could send those messages to your email inbox, instead of the ContactInBio “inbox.”

5. Inability to edit content blocks once you add them. In order to edit, you have to delete then re-add.


How much does ContactInBio Cost?

Free, unless you choose to upgrade! In fact, ContactInBio has one of the best free plans of all of the Linktree alternatives!

Business Option: The Business Option for ContactInBio costs $7 per month or $48 per year. With an upgrade to the business option, you’ll get complete customization over text, link, and button colors, as well as more customized page design options. You’ll be able to upload an unlimited number of videos and images to your page, and Facebook pixel integration is supported.



In terms of options that can appear on your landing page, ContactInBio is ahead of the pack. Having a contact form is absolutely brilliant! I’m not 100 percent sold on this being the best of the Linktree alternatives, though, because the styling is just a little bit wonky. They also need to make it possible to edit the content blocks you add to your page without needing to delete them.


Click here to checkout ContactInBio

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Link in Profile is an alternative to LinkTree


Link in Profile is different from the other Linktree alternatives on this list. In order for this option to work, you need to include a clickable link in your Instagram post. When Link in Profile detects a clickable link, that Instagram photo gets added to a page. When people click the Link in Profile link in your Instagram bio, they’ll see all of the posts where you included clickable links and be able to click them from there. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make any sense – please click my URL above to get a better sense of how this works.


Pros of Link in Profile

1. Great for affiliate links, or when you do a sponsored campaign and they ask you to include a link in your bio. This is easier and the link will remain active until you remove it from the caption of your photo.


Cons of Link in Profile

1. Doesn’t offer the full landing page look that many of the other alternatives to Linktree offer.

2. No customizations available since it’s pulling the data direct from whatever you put on Instagram.


How much does Link in Profile Cost?

This service costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year.


Click here to check out Link in Profile.

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LitUrls: A Linktree Alternative

LitUrls is a very basic alternative to Linktree

Pros of LitUrls

1. You can add a lengthy description to each of the links you add to your profile page. It’s nice to be able to give people a little more context!

2. Very easy to use


Cons of LitUrls

1. When registering, the package type defaults to the Pro plan.

2. The free plan only lets you include three links on your profile page, and any other social media links you choose to include would count against this.

3. Heavy LitUrls branding on your profile page, along with a menu for the LitUrls website.

4. Tax must be paid on the upgraded version, so instead of $5 per month, the cost is actually $5.65.

5. A LitURL chat box appears on profile pages. This would be appropriate on the settings page, but not on an external page.


How much does LitUrls cost?

The free version of LitUrls is pretty basic and offers very little in terms of customization. The upgraded version is $5 (or $5.65) per month and offers unlimited links and a Facebook pixel. Pro users will eventually gain access to analytics, as well as any future updates.



Unfortunately, compared to all of the other Linktree alternatives on this list, LitUrls falls flat. This is a competitive space now and free plans need to offer a little bit more. Not to mention, instead of helping you put your best “face” forward, LitURL seems to be doing more to market themselves. For instance, the top of your profile page will have their branding, a search bar for their website, and a menu bar for their website. There’s also a chat box so that people can talk to LitUrls. If people like something enough, they will seek out the maker of the product and/or their users will gush about it. This much branding from LitUrls worries me that they’re only in this for themselves.


Click here to check out LitUrls


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Linktree alternatives:


I wasn’t expecting to like, primarily because the pricing options annoyed me. After creating my profile page, however, I fell in love. More than anything, offers a simple but elegant interface that I adore.


Pros of

1. You have the option to schedule new links to appear on your profile, which is great if you have a paid campaign coming up and you want to schedule the Instagram link to go live when your post goes live

2. Automatically pulls in your Instagram profile photo

3. Lets you add a custom image to go alongside any link you add to your page

4. You can edit links, including changing the image, without deleting the entire link and starting over again

5. Ability to add a tracking code and extended bio

6. You can add links to your other social media profiles. Add the links and then the program automatically adds the graphic for the social media site.

7. Fantastic analytics page includes how many times your page gets viewed. It also keeps track of how often each link is clicked, which can be great for A/B testing.

8. There’s no limit to how many links you can include on your page.


Cons of

1. With the free option, you can only get a random URL – they’re pretty much forcing you to pay for the service

2. There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to upgrade once you select your plan.


How much does Cost?

This Linktree alternative comes with a few different payment tiers. There’s an always free option, a $0.99 per month option, $9.99 for life option, and a $24.99 for life option. (Yes, it appears that for the last two you only pay once.)

The payment options are a little strange. I personally went ahead and got the $9.99 for life option. In my opinion, not having a branded URL is a non-starter and I’m not sure paying $0.99 per month when you can pay $9.99 once makes any sense



Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Pricing oddities aside, I love and think it’s the best of all of the Linktree alternatives. In fact, I love so much that this is the program I’ve decided to stick with for the time being.


Click here to check out

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Linktree alternative: Manylink


ManyLink is easy to set up and you can have your new link on your Instagram profile in a matter of minutes. There aren’t any bells and whistles, but you certainly can’t beat the price tag!


Pros of Manylink

1. Personalize with a photo

2. Includes email contact link, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube links.

3. Choose from basic color themes

4. Easily add links

5. Stats will show how many people click each individual link.

6. FREE!


Cons of Manylink

1. Very basic interface and no opportunities for customization

2. The link interface is bulky

3. Colors are a little too basic and really only add a highlight to the link box

4. If accessed on a mobile device, the ManyLink branding on your personalized page is overwhelming and it’s not immediately obvious that links will be available.

5. Too much ManyLink branding


How much does Manylink Cost?




While this is easily the cheapest of the Linktree alternatives – and there isn’t any mention of them launching a paid option – I’d recommend sticking with the free version of Linktree.


Click here to check out Manylink

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Instead of one page with various links, Tap Bio allows you to create multiple pages that people can scroll through. Each page can feature a blog post, or you can have a collection of links. While the idea is great and Tap Bio has great potential, at this point, it’s not very fleshed out and it’s frustrating to use. However, it’s brand new so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this product become one of the chief Linktree alternatives in the future.


Pros of Tap Bio

1. You can customize profile button colors to fit your branding

2. Ability to add a different background photo to every card


Cons of Tap Bio

1. It’s not particularly intuitive, so getting started is a little confusing

2. You need to know what order you want your cards to appear as reordering them doesn’t currently seem to be possible. I gave up on reordering so you can see on my link that my cards are all out of order.

3. Because you need to scroll between pages, which none of the other Linktree alternatives offer, there could be a bit of a learning curve for your followers.


How much does Tap Bio Cost?

Tap Bio is currently free, though I did see them reference paid plans, so I assume they will roll those out when they work out the kinks and get more people on board.



Keep an eye on Tap Bio because it has the possibility of being huge, but I wouldn’t recommend switching to this Linktree alternative quite yet.


Click here to check out Tap Bio.


Create Your Own!

These Linktree alternatives make it easy to create a landing page that you can share in your Instagram bio link, but you can also create your own page pretty easily!

Basically, all you need to do is create a new page on your blog that contains the information you want to share and then link to that in your Instagram bio. Then, every time there’s something new you want people to be able to access from Instagram, update the page on your blog. Lindsey Allen Designs has a great tutorial for how to create your own Instagram page in Squarespace.


Pros of creating your own Instagram landing page

1. You have full control


Cons of creating your own Instagram landing page

1. You have full control


How much does it cost to create your own landing page?

Free! You can do this with any system. All it takes is a little technical know-how.



Creating your own Instagram landing page might be a great idea for those of you with creative vision. You’ll have full control and can make the page look any way you want. But, if design isn’t your thing, using one of the Linktree alternatives listed above is probably the way to go.


These are all great tools

Whether you choose to go with Linktree or one of the Linktree alternatives listed above, finding a way to make the most of your Instagram bio link is a must. The profile space is so short, but properly utilizing that link will allow you more space to express yourself and let potential followers know what you’re about. In blog terms, that Instagram bio link is the equivalent of an about page. If you want more Instagram followers, without resorting to the Instagram follow/unfollow method, succinctly showing your audience what you’re about is a must.


Do tell: What do you love about Linktree? Are you using one of these Linktree alternatives – or possibly one I haven’t mentioned? If so, let me know what you love about it!